The disgusting to delightful home makeover

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The disgusting to delightful home makeover

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Sometimes all a home needs is some frills and sparkles to look hospitable, cosy and inviting. This elegant home has gone through a complete transformation. The home is now attractive and elegant from all perspectives, making it comfortable, chic and stylish. The home has been staged to look modern, welcoming and a designer space of pleasant lighting and chic colours, by staging the home, it allows prospective buyers to get an idea of what the home would look like once they move in. But, let’s admire the elegance and charm of this delightful home!


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This before image shows a simple home with lovely timber floors, but it is lacking an attractive quality that would make anyone want to move in.

After: Bedroom decor

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Everything about this bedroom is perfect, from the meticulous colours and cushions to the wall décor. The soft palette and layout of the room is spacious, elegant and warm. Who wouldn’t want to cosy up with a good book in that bed?

After: Kitchen

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The kitchen is simple and stylish in every way, from the mosaic splash back to the white and basic cabinets. The décor is perfect for the size of this kitchen, the team of interior designers have definitely thought about introducing textures and colours into the space, without overdoing the design. If you like the idea of an all-white kitchen, then these 27 Stylish White Kitchens are fantastic!

After: Bathroom

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This bathroom is no doubt sleek and contemporary in style. The somewhat neutral and earthy tones included in the décor is different and friendly, while the blue butchers tiles adds a colourful and quirky charm to the space. It’s unique and vibrant, but would also make for a great place to relax and unwind.

After: Living room

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This living room is completely comfortable, with its soft grey walls creating a sophisticated décor that is accentuated by the natural timber flooring, the large sofa and the art that adds a little personality and character to the room. Room décor such as, this makes relaxing after a long day at work easy.

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