8 easy ways to make your Singapore home more Zen

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Let’s face it; it’s a stressful time to be alive. Global issues are widespread, seemingly unrelenting, and constantly shaping the way we live our lives. Environmental concerns, food shortages, media annexation of every aspect of our lives, and, of course, conflict, are constantly driving a wedge between our ability to feel relaxed and comfortable on a daily basis. With increased globalisation, our existence is relentlessly connected to technology and work, so it’s no wonder stress-related illnesses are at all-time epidemic levels. 

The key to surviving the 21st century is to be prepared. Rather than ignoring current events, issues and problems, we need to ensure our dwellings are central spots for rejuvenation and relaxation, consequently providing a restful brain that can then tackle vital concerns outside the home.

Today on homify we are here to get you started by providing 8 ways you can transform your home into a Zen paradise. But what is Zen? And how easy is it to achieve in your abode? The word Zen represents a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism, which emphasises the value of meditation and insight. It is about becoming relaxed, and avoiding any worry associated with things that cannot be changed. Essential when living in a busy city such as Singapore, read on below to learn more, and give your home a Zen makeover today!

1. Work with your lighting

Lighting affects us in so many different ways, so it's crucial you get the right setup for each individual space in your home. Avoid strong fluorescents, and opt for soft, welcoming and tranquil glows. Recessed and indirect lighting is best, while natural sources such as candles work brilliantly to evoke restfulness and relaxation.

2. Add art

Artwork is evocative, and can help to add a desired mood or aura to a room. Employ artwork to simultaneously stimulate and relax the brain. Looking at and contemplating art activates different areas of the brain, thus resting others.

3. Utilise natural and organic building materials

In this bathroom, designers have opted for timber textures and organic, earthy tones. This promotes a feeling of understanding with the natural environment, and helps bring a Zen calm to the space.

4. Go minimal in the bedroom

The bedroom is often the key stress-reliever within the home. It should be a place of quiet contemplation, and exude restful vibes. Ensure your sleeping quarters are decorated in a basic way and keep ornamentation to a minimum, this will promote a good night’s rest, as well as remove any irksome moods.

5. Employ indoor plants

Indoor plants have a wonderful ability to impart tranquility within an interior space. No matter how small or insignificant, a simple stem of greenery can add that touch of serenity and peacefulness.

6. Connect with the outdoors

To feel relaxed and renewed, it is important to connect with fresh air and the outdoor landscape. If you reside in a house this will be easier than in an apartment, but if you are in a compact home, it is not impossible. Make the most of the views from your windows, and reorganise your balcony/terrace if you have one.

7. De-clutter

Clutter is stress-inducing, as well as a sure-fire way to remove a relaxed atmosphere from your home. Audit, organise, toss and arrange your interior accessories, keeping only what you need, and donating/selling the rest.

8. Add a Zen garden, or Zen-like aesthetics

Finally, we take a peek at how you can implement a Zen garden into your home. Zen gardens (more correctly referred to as karesansui) are those that take their cues from the outdoor spaces of early Zen temples in both Japan and China. They worked with certain arrangements of rocks, sand and gravel, creating harmonious shapes and forms.

In this instance pebbles have been added to the interior of this dwelling, imparting a serene and thoughtful ambience.  

Do you feel relaxed and ready to take on your next home renewal? If you need some more encouragement, check out: 12 beautiful wabi-sabi Japanese bedrooms and continue reading!

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