8 small family homes you'll fall in love with

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Size is certainly not the most important consideration when it comes to homes, and as the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’. This is definitely true of our feature homes today, all of which boast less than commodious interiors, but certainly make the most of their space. Family living is cramped, cloistered and lacks privacy at the best of times, which is why a well-designed abode is an unquestionable necessity.

Today at homify we’re going to get your creative design juices flowing with some envy-worthy small homes that you're going to want to check out. From compact freestanding dwellings to tiny apartments, there is definitely plenty to inspire and motivate. These living spaces are absolutely stunning examples of what can be done with little space and a little more imagination. Proper planning and an experienced professional will take you a long way. 

So, read on below, and take a peek inside some seriously stylish properties…

1. Small yet sustainable

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight Nash Baker Architects Ltd منازل زجاج Black
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

First up, we head to the United Kingdom to take a peek at a contemporary home with all the trimmings. Situated in Kent, this eco-home is built to be sustainable to the surrounding environment, while maximising its style and allure.

From the rear of the house we can see how the architects have used strong architectural lines to build an unforgettable family abode.

2. The perfect host

Just because you live in a small home, doesn’t mean you can’t have a kitchen that boasts a brilliant area to host a fabulous get-together. Here the cooking space is the centrepiece and standout of the dwelling, while earthy tones add comfort and sophistication.

3. Timber beauty

Next up we head inside a tremendous timber home that oozes Japanese minimalist vibes and a welcoming aura. The timber tones work beautifully to create a sense of spaciousness and harmony in the interior, replete with indoor plants to bring an organic natural aesthetic inside.

4. Ingenious use of space

Small homes often have to deal with a compromised floor plan and a limited space to work with. Our next feature property shows how to utilise a smaller area, while creating an open plan family-friendly ambience.

5. Expanding in light tones

Using the finest in luxury furniture and accessories, this renovated Hong Kong apartment is replete with a gorgeous feeling of family warmth and homeliness. Neutral in its colour scheme, the designer has incorporated plenty of bright hues to inject energy and vivaciousness throughout.

6. Clever arrangement

Heading to Milan, Italy to check out our next apartment, we are thrilled to witness a truly inspiring family-friendly setup. Enjoying chic attention-to-detail, as well as an up-to-the-minute arrangement, this incredible and spacious feeling interior is truly one-of-a-kind.

7. Family-friendly yet trendy

Many individuals tend to believe that a family-friendly home cannot be stylish, sleek and sophisticated, while also tending to a household’s diverse needs. Luckily, we certainly do not agree. This gorgeous interior is fabulously family-friendly, while also catering to those who desire a chic and on-trend aesthetic.

8. Contrast

Traditional mixed with contemporary or perhaps new-age heritage modernity? Whatever you call it, this neat and compact home has it all! With harmonious interior spaces, and an excellent use of its available space, this is the ultimate in freestanding domestic dwellings.

These 8 stunning family homes are truly inspiring in the practical and aesthetic arrangements that allow for optimal family living in beautiful spaces. 

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