21 little garden ideas to spruce up your home entrance

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21 little garden ideas to spruce up your home entrance

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You don't need to have a huge front garden in order to enjoy a spectacular home entrance. In fact, some of the smaller and almost non-existent gardens provide the most inspirational ideas how you can make the most of the space you have. 

Don't believe us? Simply take a look at the following examples of imaginative front gardens, all completed by amazing landscape architects, and be prepared to be so amazed, you'll be pulling on your gardening gloves and getting to work on your own revamp project in no time! 

1. Who needs a garden when you can have pots and planters?

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2. Beds adjacent to the home draw you in

3. Colourful displays make a beautiful impression

حديث  تنفيذ monica khanna designs, حداثي
monica khanna designs

Juanapur Farmhouse

monica khanna designs

4. Direction hedges certainly draw people towards the house

Home Build من homify

Home Build


5. Mismatched pots have rustic charm

Reinstalling Character and Charm من ROCOCO حداثي

Reinstalling Character and Charm


6. If you have a tree near your entrance, light it well and let it do all the talking!

7. A smooth entrance, coupled with large potted plants, will look authoritative and dramatic

9. A rockery bed will need absolutely no maintenance

10. Raised beds really frame an entrance




11. A traditional path with small lawn has a certain gravitas that only UK houses can boast

Entrance pathway من Greenmans Yard كلاسيكي
Greenmans Yard

Entrance pathway

Greenmans Yard

12. Matching planters to a house façade? That's next level coordinated

Arched secure glass door من Ion Glass حداثي زجاج
Ion Glass

Arched secure glass door

Ion Glass

13. Evergreen bushes will look great all year round, but Holly will be extra special in December

Miner's Cottage II: Front Entrance من design storey ريفي
design storey

Miner's Cottage II: Front Entrance

design storey

14. Climbers can turn the front of your house into a perfect garden substitute

15. You might need to scale this idea back a little, but a water feature in the front garden? Yes, please!

16. Lit steps and symmetrical hedges are a timeless way to greet guests

17. More than just trendy, green walls are perfect for spaces that are too small to actually be a garden

18. When all else fails, bark chippings make for neat and pretty bed displays

19. Tall blooms are a really fun and celebratory way to lead up to a front door

20. Off-centre paths are easier to lay than perfectly square ones. They look interesting and fun too!

من homify حداثي

21. Ignore the size of the house and focus on the symmetrical flowers. What a lovely and simple way to make a garden really elegant, regardless of size!

For more gorgeous gardens to get your creative cogs whirring, take a look at this Ideabook: 16 Exciting Modern Ideas For Dull Suburban Gardens.

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