​The bathroom that went from glum to glam

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​The bathroom that went from glum to glam

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
ريفي  تنفيذ Urban Dwellers Design Studio, ريفي
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Not all of us were born to be expert interior designers. That is why some inspiration and style-approved tips are in order to help us achieve beautiful spaces, whether it be a kitchen, a hallway, a garden, or even your child’s playroom (yes, here on homify we focus on the small things too). 

Today on ‘before and after’, we take a look at a recent project completed by architectural firm Urban Dwellers Design Studio, located in Johannesburg. They were presented with a small, cramped, and totally outdated bathroom that was in severe need of both style and space. But what seemed like a daunting task was turned into a creative challenge, and it wasn’t long before the owners of this house got treated to a fabulous new bathroom space.

But first up: the ‘before’ pics!

Before: the cluttered vanity

Clutter was a big problem in this space, but it wasn’t the only one. Those gooey brown tiles went out of style pretty much when the 1980s ended; and the mosaic countertop wasn’t doing anything to remedy the situation. 

And is it just us, or was a little bit more light in order here too?

Before: the ugly bath

No amount of bubbles could have transformed this bathtub into a tranquil and peaceful spot. And that specific caramel brown is a most unbecoming colour choice for the modern and contemporary bathroom of today. 

What’s more, the hastily hung-up towels make us think of a washing line instead of a beautiful bathroom.

After: the new vanity

The transformation is complete and the stylish results are in! The designers opted for freestanding fittings, light colours, and bigger (and better) windows – all of which make the new bathroom seem quite unrecognisable from the ‘before’ space. 

The vanity now flaunts a ‘blue chill’ tone which, together with the white wall tiles, makes the entire room feel deliciously light and airy. 

And we just have to mention the beautiful rolled-up towels which add a spa/hotel vibe to the bathroom – so easy to attain, and it frees up so much space.

After: the fabulous shower

The homeowners also got treated to a terrific frameless shower, with a tile-wall surface in a sea-foam blue stylishly demanding attention. The new and improved windows also let in a fabulous amount of natural light, ensuring the dark and gloomy corners from before is a thing of the past. 

And we love, love, LOVE the new flooring; wood look-alike tiles which add a bit of contrast to the entire space.

After: the freestanding bath

Out with the ugly caramel, and in with the sleek white – we are, of course, referring to the bathtub. Now that is a much more appropriate spot to relax in after a long, hard day. 

The existing door also got treated to a new glass surface, letting in some more light and a garden view.

Definitely a tremendous makeover that has us just a little bit green with envy! 

Just in case you require some more visual beauty, we have 15 small bathroom renovations to inspire you. Take a look!

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