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If you love the peaked roof and gables of a classic old family home, but don't want to sacrifice the sleek ease of modern living, you'll love the family abode we'll explore today. It has three bedrooms, an attic, pantry, dressing room and even an office. Plus it cost just 76,000 SGD!

The home has a very free-flowing spacious ambiance, and the ground floor covers 154sqm of floor space – plus 18sqm of garage space. We have lots of details on the construction, so come on a photo tour for the chance to explore a perfectly classic modern family home! This one comes to us courtesy of Polish architects Biuro Projektowe and they have named it Project Meteor 2.

Glass-walled living room

The home has a storybook-style exterior with a peaked roof and gable that would appeal to those looking for the familiarity of nostalgia of a classic family home. The roof is made from sheet metal and set at a steep inclination of 41 degrees that creates plenty of headroom for the second level where the three bedrooms are located. Note the balcony here too.

Outdoor terrace

One of the most appealing features in this home is the glass-walled dining area. It opens up the living areas to the natural surroundings and blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior life. It's always good to have a variety of outdoor areas when dealing with family life, so in the foreground here we have an uncovered area too.

Bright and modern interior

On the ground floor there is an open-plan layout with a combined living room, dining area and kitchen. The exposed fireplace has a modern design and serves to create a sort of focal point for all three living areas. Just off to the side we also have a pantry, extra room act as an office and a ground floor bathroom.

The key takeaways here are the streamlined modern lines and profusion of light. It's a surprisingly modern interior for such a classic exterior, but the two styles work seamlessly together.

Streamlined kitchen

Every family kitchen has to be extremely practical. This one has plenty of storage and preparation space. It is always good to have a nice view out the window when doing the dishes, so it's good to see the large window placements overlooking the garden. Note the unique three toned base cabinets. The wooden tones add a slick yet earthy look that ties in with the wooden floors we saw earlier in the living room.

Bathroom with a sloping roof

The good thing about a sloping roof is that it adds a cosy air to any room. The reduced head height needs to be carefully negotiated, but it's perfect for a bathtub area of the bathroom. A lot of bathrooms suffer from a lack of colour, so it's refreshing to see the black geometric tiles featured around the vanity. Suspended cabinets add to the bright and airy appeal of the home.

Eave window

Eaves and gables add a huge amount of character and interest to a home, so it's great to see this one placed in prime position within the hallway. Finally, those wanting to delve into the nitty gritty of construction should know that the home has a very sturdy construction with ceilings made from reinforced cast concrete and the walls made with 2-ply structural clay tile and foam polystyrene.

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