After you see these 19 gardens, you'll want to renovate yours

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After you see these 19 gardens, you'll want to renovate yours

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With Christmas out of the way, we're naturally all thinking about spring and summer and getting out into our gardens for some warm weather enjoyment, but how can you make a lot more of your outdoor space? More to the point, how can you give your garden some extra oopmh, without spending a fortune or totally relying on a professional gardener? Well, we have all the answers for you, right here! From creating simple little borders to not overlooking valuable corners, we think we've come up with some great ways to make your garden shine, so take a look and see if you fancy getting your landscaping on, for summer!

1. Plant trees and shrubs near your home entrance.

What a way to make your garden and entrance come together!

2. Create small, ordered borders.

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When low-key is your thing, simple square borders will be easy to maintain.

3. Get your lawn super healthy.

A bright, healthy green lawn will always up your garden style points!

4. Don't overlook the corners.

They are a wealth of wonderful space, so how about creating a dining terrace?

5. Take inspiration for the desert.

Want a garden that wows but looks after itself? We have one word for you… CACTI!

6. Use your walls creatively.

They don't just denote your boundaries, they are part of the garden too, so accentuate them!

7. Focus on border lighting.

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Contemporary Garden Design Balham


Hidden lighting that creeps up from behind pretty plants is always effective.

8. Lay a simple path.

Coloured shingle and paving slabs are all you need, plus a little elbow grease!

9. Invest in some topiaries!

Fun, quirky and super elegant, topiaries add a real high-end look to any garden!

10. Go off grid.

Nobody ever said your paths and borders have to be angular! Look out, curves ahead!

11. Find a place for natural stone.

Great as border edging, natural stone adds a lot of character and class to a garden.

12. Build up, not out.

In a small garden, look to build up, rather than out. Use walls to train climbers or mount fun planters!

13. Choose flowers that make you happy.

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Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

Forget fashion, as this is YOUR garden! Whatever you like the look of the most, that's what you need to plant!

14. Add a garden to your interior too.

If you fancy adding some garden goodness to your interior, GO FOR IT! Indoor gardens are amazing!

15. Add small trees for variety.

Varying the height of your trees and plants makes for a really fun aesthetic.

16. Go for symmetry.

Neat, symmetrical borders are perfect for really contemporary houses. So minimalist!

17. Don't shy away from bold colours.

If you have large walls, can we tempt you to paint them a really vivid and warm colour? It'll look amazing!

18. Minimalist designs will work well.

Simple can be effective when it comes to gardens, but choose stunning plants, to keep the wow-factor!

19. Create a funky feature wall.

Perfect for growing some herbs or just cheering up a boring wall, multiple planters and wall decorations will cheer up a space, regardless of size, instantly!

For more gorgeous garden tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Plan a beautiful garden.

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