Once you've see these 19 gardens you'll want to renovate yours

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Once you've see these 19 gardens you'll want to renovate yours

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The art of gardening is totally a pleasure for those who practice it and a visual delight for those who love to admire a beautiful garden. Isn’t it right? So why not have a beautiful garden at home, a garden that will make us feel good, calm and allow us to escape from the daily stresses of life? 

Here in homify, we like you to feel good in your house. We want you to see your home, especially your garden, as a protection from the chaos of the outside world and as a place to escape when you need some peace. So we have brought a collection of images of gardens so that you can get inspired to fix your garden, and if you do not have a little green corner in your house, you would just want to have one!

When you see these images of gardens created by registered homify professionals, you will realize that any space, whether it is in the indoor or outdoor, whether it is small or big, it is enough to create a green and welcoming area for you, your family and your guests.

Combination of flowers and shrubs at the entrance of the house

حديث  تنفيذ homify, حداثي

Defining the lawn and garden area to the center with stone

When you have a small patio, it's time to make the most of it: create a green area and enjoy some time with family and friends.

A garden inspired by desert that can fit in any corner

If you like to create a garden in a corner, we also suggest you to visit:  20 small gardens you can do in corner of your home

Niches on the wall: Small, but charming, two perfectly well-defined areas with a special touch

Wood as protagonist. The green area between the wall and the wooden benches is easy to do. Doesn’t it look fantastic?

Contemporary Garden Design Balham من homify حداثي

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


When rectangular stones are not a problem: taking full advantage of it!

Wavy path with stones and more stones!

Stone slabs surrounding the garden

A small interior garden in the lobby

The small stone clad backyard

Modern Family garden in North London من Earth Designs حداثي
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

A garden that connects to the living room

A small planter at the entrance of the house

Or several planters in the backyard

Color and light for a cozy patio

A little garden that has it all!

Pure Minimalism: Decorating the facade of the house

The garden that fits in any space: in the hallway, in the kitchen, on the porch, and even in the office!

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