Alice in Wonderland in the kitchen

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Recollecting childhood memories, most of the female population recalls the fairy tale dream of Alice in Wonderland. Even though it seems impossible to actually live in a fairy tale world there are multiple ways to decorate the home in such a way that its looks like almost a fairy tale. The best way to experiment with a fairytale decor is by starting with the kitchen where the family members spend considerable time in each house. To be honest, when reality gives you the blues, it is only the fairy tale inspired Alice in Wonderland surreal kitchen style that turns the kitchen area into a whimsical place where an easy escape is never difficult.

To achieve this wonderful task there are few ideas which can help transport your mind far away from the stress of daily life into a surreal fairy tale. Lets try to escape…

Create an optical Illusion

One way of designing the kitchen counters or the kitchen tiles is by creatively placing them so that an optical illusion is created. This can be achieved by the careful use of spot lights, and upper faced lights in neutrals or whites. There are also wall papers which can provide the desired look of optical illusion to the walls. The ceiling can look bigger and the walls seem wider. To achieve the floating dreamy and fantasy look there is no other better option than having some optical illusion in the kitchen. This makes it look surreal and apt to the theme. A Fantasy mirror with custom colour edges in the kitchen can give both the optical illusion as well as the feel of “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”

Get a large table

Fetching the right table for the kitchen is extremely important since it provides a dominating view to the entire area.  to have the correct style and decor one must first get a clear idea regarding positioning of the table and the shape that would look best. Large glass tables with wooden supports are quite good in the context that they can be decorated in multiple ways to achieve the surreal kitchen style. The wooden base provides the earthy look which can be well complemented with fresh flowers on the table. Silver crockery looks best or some mismatched teacups and saucers which looks apt and part of the fantasy world.

Buy different chairs

When it comes to designing the kitchen with a lot of surrealism then the best way is to keep a touch of the same in the furniture as well. Kitchen chairs being a crucial part of the decor can be modified with versatile styles like small bright coloured ones or the grand supersized high chairs with some vintage look to give the effect of a fairytale.

Find a wallpaper like grass

While renovating the look of any part of the house it is vital that the wall is never ignored. To decorate the perfect dreamland kitchen, a fascinating and apt choice is to set up some artificial grass textured wallpaper which elevates the natural look of the place. These grass wallpapers are easy to maintain and are extremely cost effective.

Choose coloured appliances

The next idea to decorate the kitchen in this style is by adding a few accessories that would complement the theme. Start with some coloured and attractive kitchen appliances. Choose some of the wildest, the most creative wall hanging watches that would serve as a focal point of the kitchen. A vintage looking clock can be quite aesthetic in this regard and bring a dreamy feeling into the kitchen.

Create a tea corner

When it comes to getting the surreal kitchen style one cannot dismiss the idea of having a quiet and calm corner for tea where sipping this warm beverage can help transport the mind into a world of fantasy.  Place a small sitting area at a preffered corner and use some unique design accessories to give a whimsical look to the corner.

In a nutshell it can be concluded that renovation and redesigning the kitchen to procure an atmosphere of Alice in wonderland is never a daunting or grave work. A few changes and use of little creativity and imagination can bring the pages of fairytale books right into the kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and live your fairytale…

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