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The house we will explore today was once dilapidated, drab and stuck with many tiny rooms. But thanks to the restoration and renovation experts at R-Decora, it is now spacious, well-lit, and trendily furnished for a comfortable and stylish living experience. The professionals made the maximum use of the available area of 105sqm by bringing down unnecessary interior walls and introducing cosy textures.

Serene and classy living space

This classic style living room boasts of cosy furniture, lots of natural light and elegant lamps to be switched on after dark. Then textiles are soft and welcoming, while neutral hues like white, grey and browns dominate for a soothing effect.

A luxurious reading nook

The champagne coloured chaise lounge and beautiful golden floor lamp make this reading nook extra special. Sheer drapes bring in sunlight while the corner shelves holding knickknacks add to the aesthetics here.

Pastel love in bedroom

This charming bedroom features twin beds with pastel linen and pretty purple cushions for maximum comfort. Smooth white walls, sheer white curtains, light wooden flooring and a soft beige wardrobe make this room a pastel paradise. The golden handles of the wardrobe hint at modern luxury.

Elegant bathroom

Simple, practical yet stylish, this white and wooden bathroom is the perfect sanctuary for tired souls. Modern fixtures, neat lines and ample sunlight make the space convenient as well as visually appealing.

Smart furniture

Though the interior walls that used to demarcate each zone previously are gone, customised wooden furniture now indicates what each space is meant for, without compromising the openness. Elegant lamps positioned cleverly add to the inviting aura.

A beautiful open kitchen

After renovation the open kitchen looks neat, elegant and is smartly connected with the living space. The colour palette is sober and there is ample space to store everything. The appliances have been accommodated nicely and the chandelier is striking.

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