10 ideas to fix your garden with less than 3000 INR

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10 ideas to fix your garden with less than 3000 INR

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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If you want to have a spectacular garden, but you're on a budget, there are some details that you have to take into account. First, the size of the space destined for that dream garden, then fix your budget so that you do not miss it and you don't start to regret it when you're halfway done with the work. 

In this book of ideas we are going to give you some examples of small gardens and some ideas on how to plan the cost of a garden. If you want this new acquisition for your home to have a cost less than 3000 INR, then get to work and follow the instructions below!

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1. Prune the lawn and plant a couple of small bushes

If you want you can add a path of stone slabs in your garden to create a more visually interesting landscape. You can browse through homify's directory of garden stone slabs to find the right pieces for you. Try to find 5 or 6 pieces at a good price, and for less than 1700 Rupees. 

2. Create a small Zen-inspired garden

A garden like this will give your home a special focal point of interest, and as you see there's no grass to cut. All you need are some pebbles, course sand, creeping plants, small shrubs and a sculpture.  

In this garden with an oriental style you see that the sculpture is a Chinese pagoda and next to it a stone bowl with water, almost like a small fountain. The tree may be one that you already have but we will give you some information that can help you to make the budget. For example, neem trees are said to be good at driving away mosquitoes, and only cost around Rs450. As for small plants, you can buy some flowers like gerbera or geranium which costs between Rs225 and Rs155, and silica sand costs about Rs140 for a 5 kg bag. Take into account also that before planting, you must leave a key for irrigation at some discreet point in the garden, and since it is small you do not need a hose for irrigation.

For more ideas and inspiration, you can refer to our article titled 'design a DIY zen mini courtyard in your home.'

3. Create an indoor garden

After laying down the earth, place a well packed base of gravel where you do not plan to plant, and on top of it a path with stone slabs. Remember that the plants that grow taller must be placed them at the bottom, the smaller ones in front of them.

Between the slabs you can place small stones such as gravel that you can get for Rs140 for a bag of 5kg. The stone slabs have an approximate price of Rs240 per m2, and small creeper plants are between Rs35 and Rs50.

You can also browse through homify's indoor gardens for more ideas and inspiration. 

4. Stones and a pair of Acapulco chairs

The garden pictured here with a floor of pebbles and a background of trees and bushes against the wall, is really a space where you can relax and take shade from the heat of the afternoon with a good book… and we assure you that you will not spend those extra Rupees. 

5. Fix your side garden

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The side of the house can be the ideal place to make a spectacular garden, as it is a space that you can define with paths and plants, as you see in this image. The larger plants on the walls and the small ones in front, the paths with small stones, and take advantage of the colors of the plants that with the sun highlight their shades of red in contrast to the green of the others. 

If you have space you can place a palm tree like the Ornamental Palm Bactris Setulose which is a tree of medium height and can grow up to 5 -10 m with a 6-10 cm diameter in it's trunk. The palm is quite a popular landscaping plant in India and may cost you approximately Rs1300. 

6. Add lighting to your green space

This garden also has no grass, but if you want grass, it costs between Rs270 and Rs310 per m2, but that includes transportation and placement. 

You must also think about the lighting of the garden, it can be lamps on the wall or some fairy lights among the plants. The lamps can be cheap, but make sure they're meant for outside the house. It all depends on your budget.

7. How about a vegetable garden?

Instead of investing in a new garden, you invest in adding to the one you already have and create a simple vegetable garden with recycled containers without spending much money at all, plus you can have healthy organic vegetables for your family too.

Here are 10 essentials for starting a vegetable garden at home.

8. Buy new plants and flowers and fill it with color!

This small wall has been built with white river stone, which gives the wall a very original texture. The stone can be obtained in bags of 10kg for Rs350 each bag. The plants that you sow around the grass can be creeping plants like crotos, cradle of moses, or ferns that can be obtained for between Rs170 and Rs210 for each one. 

9. Decorate the facade of your house with a simple garden

This simple idea can give loads of personality to the facade of your house. Don't you just love it?

10. Fix the front garden with some stones and shrubs

The corner of this garden is the focal point of the garden, giving more interest to the garden with a set of plants that brighten the space, bordered with stones and a set of small plants in different colors to define the corner. 

A tip that you should not neglect when planting your garden is the following, always plant the same plants together, to make them a stroke of color in your design. Then, alternate them and you will have a garden like in this photo. Respect the distance between each plant, that information should be given in the nursery where you buy the plants, so that each can grow the best they can grow. 

Remember: you do not have to spend much, you just need time and creativity

Take a little time and decide the space you will dedicate to this new venture, so that your house is distinguished. Will it be a garden in front of the house or that space you have in the backyard that is now only a place with land and some trees?

Take paper, tape measure and pencil and measure the terrain with the shape it has, if you have some trees, place them on the ground and think you would like to have, there is a very large variety of options for a garden to look spectacular but you also have to think about maintenance, that will depend on what design you choose for your garden. Grass is one of the things that has a heavy maintenance, not only for the irrigation but economically as well. 

If you have a little more budget, we share these other ideas, for example: place a source!

In this image you can see a water course that starts from the source that is in the wall, and this installation is a bit more expensive, otherwise the plants really are not expensive and you can make a beautiful arrangement with them interspersing with flowers and other foliage.

What about flooring for your garden?

This flooring solution for your garden can turn out to be for your own needs, for example if you want to have a space where you can do some different activity, besides having plants that you like. 

There are some floors with the appearance of small stones in different shades as pictured here that you can place in your garden, they are beautiful, but the cost of the tiles sized 30cm x 30cm is between Rs97 and Rs135 each, polished and unpolished, but it is a definitive solution with durability guaranteed.

Or how about decorating your garden wall with stones?

This is another way to brighten a rustic wall, without taking away from it its spectacular beauty, a garden that with its small plants and a very transparent palm, form an interesting arrangement. The sand and a mattress of wood remains have been used to cover the garden floor with colors that match the background wall.

We hope you've enjoyed this book of idea. For more ideas and inspiration, you can refer to our article titled 'the best affordable garden pathways.'

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