A small yet surprisingly spacious home you'll love

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A small yet surprisingly spacious home you'll love

Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify
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Ever feel like your current house is too cramped up for you? Well, today's your lucky day as we are featuring a small home in the city that may seem to look petite in size, but is actually large in space inside. Keep on scrolling to see the interiors of the home!

Cute exteriors

From the outside, this box-shaped home looks very tiny in size. Still, it shows a touch of modern style and a dash of daintiness from its pale blue hues and square-designed windows.  The wide windows provide this tiny home the opportunity to show us a glimpse of its spacious interiors!

Fresh style

The interiors of this cute, dainty home are completely looking fresh and airy with its modern wooden style. This kitchen area features an all wood ensemble of furniture pieces, cabinetry, countertops, and even the flooring. 

Spacious areas

Zooming out, the kitchen and dining area looks very airy and roomy because of its abundance of wide spaces. As a homeowner, you can definitely replicate this minimalist approach of interior designing or you can simply add a few more furniture or decor pieces here and there to satisfy your interior styling aspirations. 

You can also check out this small wooden house with unbelievably spacious interior for more ideas!

Great location for natural light

This house layout designed areas that are potentially great locations for natural light to sink in. This specific spot offers a wide window that welcomes the warmth of the sun rays during daytime and also the cool breeze during night time. To decorate this minimalist-styled home into your own, you can easily throw some lacy curtains in pastel colors for some added texture and beauty to the home. 

Wooden beams

If you haven't noticed yet, this dainty home offers interiors where wood is absolutely evident and mainly used. To add a touch of rustic charm to this modish home, dark, thick wooden beams are styled all across the ceiling. It blends in perfect contrast to the soft and clean palette of the home. 

Clean, fine lines

With the minimalist and sort of modern style of the home, clean lines and angles are greatly used. Pictured above, the staircase provides us a skeleton-like design where the treads and handrails are all made up of thin panels of wood. Small touches of wooden poles are also seen throughout the interiors that add textures of lines to the overall design of the house. 

Modern approach

We did mention this dainty house had a touch of modern style to it and we weren't kidding! Though the house clearly offers more wooden elements, some areas showcases a sleek and modern design of materials. This side of the house features a  glass structure which uses up the entire wall as both a door and a set of windows

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