Interior design ideas from a semi furnished 2BHK home in Hyderabad

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Begonia Homes by Enrich Interiors & Decors represents the perfect modern home. These Interior Designers & Decorators in Hyderabad have done a marvellous job in bringing to life the client’s dream home design. Let us take a tour and get some amazing home décor inspiration.

A gorgeous view

This home has an open layout, with partial wall separators in the space. Here, we see the living area and the kitchen, separated by a fraction if a wall. From here, we can definitely see that the overall colour scheme is fairly elegant and muted.

Perfect kitchen

The perfect kitchen is right here in front of us. The gorgeous interiors and the subtle colour scheme create the perfect atmosphere for cooking. The black and white colour scheme is a classic that will never go out of style.

Outside in

This view of the kitchen from the outside offers a glimpse into the décor of the living area. What we are impressed by is the use of Indian traditional motifs in the wallpaper, which is quite unusual. However, it just makes the room look charming. 

Golden and bright

The living area is decorated with a few different themes. However, everything is tied together in the end in terms of colour and design. Here, we see a beautiful golden wallpaper adorning the wall, along with simple but functional cabinets.

The entrance

Here, we see the entrance into the home. The stunning wooden door has been polished to perfection. The golden wallpaper can also be seen here. The room has comfortable leather sofas placed on one side.

The details

No home is complete without intricate details, as we can see here, this living room has a beautiful white table, with stunning glass vases. The red colour of the vases is like a spark of brightness.

Open windows

This home has a wonderfully unique layout. The living room extends up to the large windows, which have red and white full-length curtains. The slight separator we see here is decorated with Indian motifs, which is the only way we can see the separate spaces. 

Partial separators

As we keep seeing, the home has a proper one layout with just slight separators. Here, we also get a glimpse into the elegant lighting that has been fitted in the entire house.

Finer details

Each room has been decorated with care and ease. And hence, we can clearly see how the designers gave paid attention to details. The Indian motif wallpaper is accompanied by the small décor items, indoor plantations and the beautiful bases.

Calm and peaceful

The colour blue invariably inspires peace, and it is the perfect colour to use in bedrooms. Here, we see the designers using blue in the curtains, décor and even as a theme in the artwork on the walls.

Detailed furnishings

The room also has some beautiful details with handcrafted furniture, such as this polished wooden cabinet on one side. There is also a shelf that extends outwards to serve as a display space.

Bright colours

As we go into the other bedroom, we see how the designers have incorporated colours white cleverly with this mural style design on the wall. The design is contained inside the room as well. Stay tuned for even more innovative home ideas – 6 Awesome Ideas for a Comfy Kitchen!.

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