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Dormer Loft Extensions: a homify guide

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One of the most popular extension types in the UK, dormer loft conversions are created vertically from an existing roof. Typically adding more headroom to a cramped loft they can often become the largest room in a house.

These can be added to the rear, front or side of your property and can come in a variety of styles with different appearances internally and externally.

With extra space in higher demand, particularly in urban areas, dormer loft extensions can be the perfect solution making your home more spacious and comfortable.

Different dormer loft conversion types

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Flat roof - As the name suggests this extension is projected vertically with flat finish on top.

Gable fronted dormer - This type of dormer is the most common type with two sloped planes making up the roof (otherwise known as a dog-house dormer)

Shed dormer - A single flat plane for this roof, sloped in the same direction as the original roof but at a shallower angle.

L-Shaped dormer - Two dormer structures connected together. This type of loft conversion is perfect for properties where different sections of the building come together to create an L-shape.


The box-like structures can add plenty of extra headroom you wouldn't normally have, turning an attic that might be unused or underused into an extra bedroom or study.

Where before the lack of vertical space would make most corners of the room useless, furniture and decoration can now be added, creating a liveable space. The height added can mean that you install everything from a shower to tall cupboards with ease.

This is particularly useful for growing families who don't quite have enough money to relocate to a larger home.

Another benefit of these extensions are the huge amounts of light that can pour in via skylights. Adding more natural light will help make the space look and feel even bigger, making it one of the prime spots in the house.

How much will a dormer loft extension cost?

The size of your property will have a huge effect on the final cost as well as the size and number of the dormers you want to add.

A dormer loft conversion will typically cost between £20,000 and £60,000 with the average total coming in at around £35,000. Other considerations such as your roof structure, the available space in the loft and whether changes in order to accommodate the staircase will all add or take away from your total.

Finally, the quality of your furnishings and fittings will also make a large impact on the bill. These elements should be considered early on and factored into the initial budget for the build.

Regulations and restrictions

Plans for your extension will have to be drawn up by an architect.

Typically planning permission isn't needed for a loft conversion as it will fall under 'permitted development' but will still need to meet building regulations approval.

If your home is terraced or semi-detached, you'll need to have a Party Wall Agreement. This is an agreement between you and your neighbour that guarantees the work done won't damage your neighbour's property and will be completed fairly.

There are a number of factors that can go into completing a dormer loft extension and the entire process can seem a little daunting. Luckily, Resi are the online architecture firm that can take you from the planning and designing stage through to the actual build.

If you're planning your own dormer loft extension get in touch with them for an instant quote.

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