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The Hong-Kong-based interior design company S.LO Studio has prided itself on offering a variety of top-quality services to its increasing customer base. These include creative branding, concept design, interior design and styling, as well as art consulting. 

What aids in the firm’s commitment to first-rate results, plus its glowing reputation in the design industry, is the fact S.LO Studio combines holistic, creative services with strong business, operational and client management. That much is clear when viewing its vivacious portfolio.

And speaking of portfolio, today we’ll be sneaking a peek at one of S.LO Studio’s recent projects: the renovation of a showroom, styled up in minimalist design, located in Hong Kong’s Sai Ying Pun.

From decrepit to deluxe

What used to be a rundown office space has been transformed into a bright and airy showroom dedicated to marketing organic and eco-friendly baby products. That is all thanks to the creativity of the S.LO Studio team.  

Textured vertical lines were added to create visual height while refinished plywood surfaces add a dose of pattern and texture to stand out from the clean and calm colour palette.

Did we mention the area size of this newly renovated space is a not-too-shabby 250 sq ft? 

Delicate details

Working alongside DB&LO, the S.LO Studio team custom-fit wraparound cabinetry for the store’s inventory. A gloating geometric desk was also added in (as can be seen in the far back), plus a POS station which neatly splices up the business- and customer zones.  

Guests’ window seating

A padded bench neatly frames the generous window in front of the POS station, allowing guests a prime view of the exteriors while waiting indoors. 

Note how the teal colour (which is part of the brand’s corporate identity) of the window frames stands out among the creams and dusty pinks of the interiors.

Clever lighting fixtures

Three identical pendants neatly dangle over the counter, effectively lighting up the working space while also adding to the charming ambience of the interiors.

Complementing that clean look

To enhance the less-is-more look of the interiors, round holes fulfil the part of cabinet doors.

Interested in other design projects by these professionals? We recommend you check out The brilliant Banyan Workspace by S.LO Studio.

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