An angular home with hidden charm

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There are plenty of contemporary homes with unusual facades, but few homes with bold exteriors that have a unique impact on the spirit of the home – inside and out.

The home we will explore today is a rare example of one such home. The exterior has been designed to create a strong tilting facade that starts at ground level and rises to create a striking facade. On the outside, this angle creates an impressive facade. Inside, the angle of these walls tends to enclose and infuse the living areas with a special homely feel.

The project comes to us courtesy of WoodenHouse and we should add that it's located in Suncheon, South Korea. Come with us on a photo tour to explore more…

The tilted facade

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The two-level wooden home is composed of two masses set at a strong incline from the ground level. The exterior is clad in striking black wood and the sides are painted a cream colour. The two masses have been configured so as to provide a small, inset central space that had been turned into a balcony. It's an entirely unique facade, and one that has us wanting to see more…

A hidden balcony

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Up close we have a good view of the angles of the facade and how they meet together to create this hidden balcony. In essence, this inset area also forms a third, outdoor area enclosed on three sides. It's a good design that creates a very unusual sense of privacy in this otherwise rather public home.

Cosy living room

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Rooms with high ceilings are often inspiring, but they can tend to feel a little cool without the right furnishings. But these issues are certainly don't apply to this living room. The tilted angle of the wall tends to hug the space and infuse it with a cosy atmosphere. This is a feel that we will notice throughout the other living area in the home.

A home office for easy focus

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The ground floor has been divided into two areas. Here we have the home office that lies adjacent to the living room we saw earlier. It obviously has a far greater ceiling height. This has been utilised by a series of lovely high, built-in storage shelves. Although this wooden home office is little more than a narrow walkway, the very confinements of the space make it perfect for focussed study and work.

Integrated dining room

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On the upper level we have an integrated dining and kitchen area. The minimalist furnishings are bare and monochromatic, but the room still has a sense of homeliness. This is almost entirely due to the wooden trims, furniture and, of course, the incline of the wall.

Bright and homely bedroom

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The bedroom is bright and minimally furnished. The single sofa chair is oversized and there is a comforting, low-key feel about the room. Although the bed has been set facing away from the tilted window, the window still infuses the space with that same quality we noted earlier. Finally, note the high light fittings we have seen throughout the home. These tend to draw the eye upward and encourage us to appreciate the height of the rooms.

Generous corner bathtub

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This is a home with relatively small floor space, but great height. Accordingly, the architects have designed a bathroom with a great corner tub that sits very snugly into the small bathroom space. The walls are covered in white tile and the room feels bright, airy and welcoming.

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