Escritório Ana Meirelles

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Interior designer , Ana Meirelles has been operating for over 15 years in the development of commercial, residential and corporate .

The contemporary dash marks his style, and his designs are characterized by elegance, practicality and comfort. Designer for each project is unique and should reflect the real expectations and needs of each client. To keep pace with the evolution of a dynamic and rich market in technological and conceptual innovations, Ana Meirelles participates in numerous courses , conferences , workshops and fairs in Milan and Paris. We understand success as a combination of several factors: dedication, sensitivity and qualified staff . " The creative process is lonely, but the end results involve several hands , working together and with the same commitment . Well thought out designs are timeless , beautiful and functional. "

Av.Quintino Bocaiúva , 311 – Cob:604
24360-022 Niterói


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